The BIGGEST Snowflake ❄️

No, not the entitled and easily offended kind! The beautifully snowy whimsical kind.
Need an inexpensive way to decorate your office, classroom, or house?!? Merely grab some paper bags, hot glue, scissors, some string/fishing line to hang.
🪧Step one: Place a T shaped strip of hot glue on the front of a grocery bag (leave bag folded/closed) placing glue on the solid front side.
🪧Step two: repeat step one with approximately 6-8 bags.
🪧Step three: before gluing the two ends together create your snowflake pattern and cut out.
🪧Step four: place a final T strip of glue on ends and bring together. You can further secure by using a stapler on the pointy ends if you feel it’s needed. Then punch a hole and thread with string and hang.
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