FALL/WINTER HOURS Wed 10-1pm•Thurs/Fri 10-1pm 4-8pm•Sat 10-5pm(close early if slow)•Call for Private Events 912-576-1988


  1. How long do workshops typically last? Each workshop time frame will vary based on skill level and intricacies of project. On average, The MOL workshops tend to run between 2-2:30 hours in length. Projects not completed prior to closing time will have to be taken home to finish. (Please allow for proper make times when attending open paint sessions)
  2. Do you offer refunds? For custom products specifically tailored for you are non-refundable. In the event that you are unable to attend a class, we can offer a take-n-make option. If a project is not picked up within 30 days, the contents will be restocked into inventory, and no take and make will be available thereafter.
  3. Can I BYOB? The MOL is in the process of obtaining proper licensing. Please email for current updates at themakeryonlee@yahoo.com.
  4. Do you offer private parties? Yes, we offer private parties, birthdays, and corporate events. Please contact for further details on availability and pricing. 
  5. Where are you located? We are located in downtown Kingsland. 111 S. Lee Street 912-576-1988
  6. Hours of operation? Starting May 25 we will be testing out new hours. Weds-Saturday 10am-5pm. Please be advised if traffic is slow we will close 1-2 hours early. CALL prior to coming if towards the end of day.
  7. Can I buy my own design or craft? Unfortunately due to liability/copyright reasons we can not allow makers to bring in their own.
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